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Why do I need a Bitcoin QR Code generator?

QR Code makes transactions easier for cryptocurrency users. In order to send or receive crypto payments, you will need a Bitcoin address. This address is made up of 34 characters, but unique to every user.

For example, 15N3yGu3UFHeyUNdzQ5sS3aRFRzu5Ae7EZ sent 0.01718427 Bitcoin to 1JHG2qjdk5Khiq7X5xQrr1wfigepJEK3t on October 29, 2019, between 12:10 and 12:20 p.m. The long strings of numbers and letters are addresses of two cryptocurrency users.

As you can see, you would need to type out the address for every single transaction, and that is just inconvenient. With our Bitcoin QR Code generator, the Bitcoin address can be turned into a QR Code, and the user simply needs to scan the QR Code with their smartphone to initiate a transaction. You can also add a label to indicate who is the receiver of the Bitcoin funds, as well as the amount you’re requesting.